Enfolding the environment in its vice like grip as it does our hearts
Isa the great purifier of souls rejuvenating life as its frostbitten touch fades spirits away
Contemplative and savage and dark are its days in the kingdom so beautifully cold
Cleansing fractals descend from the upper worlds to layer a blanket of desolation on all life
Sparing none to its gifts all obeys the barren command as winter creeps forth
unearthly this spectral tidal wave of dark inertia creeps, frost fingers kissing the earth
Isa embodiment of stasis capturing the essence of all who attempt to challenge or oppose its command


​Finding personal power

Let’s get one thing straight from the offset what I’m about to discuss is not new, its not life changing, esoteric or divine… I am not a teacher, guru or leader

I’m trying to express honest thoughts and feelings that have arose in response to life… I have meditated over my life which has been colourful and diverse and has led me to this place now

A place where I wish to help others that maybe suffering…the lessons I and everyone else have gone through have provided incalculable learning and its my sincere hope that you as the viewer enjoy and hopefully find inspiration through these thoughts

We all suffer its the one thing that truly binds us all.. Universal suffering affects every one…finding light in the impenetrable darkness of pain is a challenge and for some this may seem impossible

To answer this question, you need to know that the pain that you feel is primarily a result of unacceptance of the present moment.

Whatever the circumstance is, if you feel that the present moment is somewhat lacking, incomplete or not good enough, pain and dissatisfaction arises.

Think about it? Worries are distress of events yet to be, anger as symptom of the past. Fears can be conquered by embracing the now and accepting your situation as it is presented. Not accepting the lies the ego constantly barrages our rational minds with daily

That chatter of the mind is the ego and what you need to realize is that those thoughts are not true. They are not your thoughts. You don’t have to believe in them. This is your choice! Because the moment you believe in them, suffering arises.

Accept that situations you can affect hold no control over you as you can change them! So there is no need to worry

Where as situations you cant affect are beyond your control and therefore offer less stress as they are outside your control

The pendulum always swings back the way it came!

Accept change as a universal constant

Accept change as a challenge to overcome

Accept change as a gift and a chance to grow

Fear is a mindset ! constantly seek to overcome your fears to live a free and limitless life

Live each day as its your last

Death makes life worth living

This is your life and its ending one second at a time…so what are you going to do about it?

Every barrier in life is an important opportunity to grow, embrace obstacles and have no wants for the material world which are ultimately distractions to lasting profound happiness

Savage joy of life

The passion the pain
the criminally insane
as rhythms of life
cut deep like a knife
The birth the joy
my heart employs
to hide and run
to fight for fun
Balanced a blade
chased to the grave
Hold strong & light
though dark the night
this shadow of death
a child’s first breath

Embracing your fate
devoid of all hate
challenge every fear
to keep the light near
to grasp your will
drink deep your fill
enslaving barren day’s
to forebode true way
Forge deep your heart
your gift from start
for this life is wild
and nothings besides
a savage beautiful garden
of which we reside

Untying the knot


A Simple man knows no plan, like a fallen solitary tree stuck by lightning in a Boreal forest it too has no plan. Our lives entwined bound together in this space and time have no plan. They just are….limitless and free

Destiny has no construct in the mind and has no controlling factors, no borders, no boundaries and no constraints

Pure action and pure thought’s come from liberation of mental quarantines, the Otter doesn’t question the ebb and flow of the Salmon run any more than the Suicide mission which defines the river king’s nature. Spawning generations at the mercy of the currents and predation which in turn must obey the whim of the cycles of life

We too flow through these great River’s absorbing and consuming the will of nature, not defined by our image or identity but through the mere act of being alive. So be it! Be alive! And flow with the river that has no source or limitation

A Simple man understands and has no plan, he is the tree in the Boreal forest accepting whatever may come for there is truly no beginning and no end only freedom from which we descend


The warrior


My calling runs deep in the veins of man
never understood this Promethean whisper
on the shoulders giants they do call
Taunting us to reach for Vahalla ever higher
The eagles-nest calling truly awaits

Forging our will in the fiery kiln of intention
tempering our battle-born primal weapons
We wait ever hungry never rested or content
meeting the true enemy, our Egoic super-state

Vitality flowing an unbound torrent of chaos
i yearn for the quiet flow of electric devastation
to rise above the noise of ordinary mundane life
Fore-filling my duty, the one true calling….

Leanan sídhe

She came deeply from beneath the emerald sea
moon kissed aurora spectre-like Leanan sídhe
Dark Beauty infinite wisdom beyond compare
treasures aplenty she showers and bequeath to thee

Binding you tightly cruel jealousy her darkened love
she wraps innocence tightly delicious never above
Forever inspired Cimmerian entombed enslaved
sweetened amber neurosis deliberately imbued insane

Champion of arts I bestow upon your simian senses
spell working beauty such wealth shall fall from lips
Never the likes shall be heard before or ever since
Your words shall echo the pilot of the sacred crystal ship

For you no escape beyond our nine hallowed worlds
Let me kiss starlit ancient enlightenment so sensually
Upon your moonlit brow, bound to me forever enthralled
Under the green mounds I’ll take thee my palace forever to hold


Deep do I delve, my fingers ever stretching
Rooted firm i draw sustenance from afar
Drinking mountain washed mineral laden draughts
no sacntuary for i, stretch clawing light greedy arms

Devouring your miasmic hollow breath do i
enter magic, exuded to nourish simian gardens
can you hear my song? swaying the summer breeze
arcane siren abandoned no praise hidden realms

Within my cradled bough Oaken kingdom my gaze
Aeons my only ally outlast species unbound forgone
Nuturing honey sweetened sun drenched nectar
i deliver and encompass your world as above so below

kelly forest



Deep the rivers flow like veins of our land
Casting my ancient bones binding Earth to sky
Sacred the drum dances great spirit endless home
Eagle’s path lights eyes starry night dreams

Bound to the way barefoot sensing our destiny
Antler horn skin’s bring forth my fetch untamed
Singing wild call’s burying dark doubt in deed
Lost I descend to ascend the savage wild hunt

Freedom of form roaring the bestial gut roar
Nerves ablaze with thunder blooded red herb
God flesh, talon torn, bear’s hide brew swoon
Hallowed mead to deliver my raven-hood guise

Purge do I cleanse the heather of your stench
Devouring and raping our natural birthing land
Without persistence your blinded folk perish
Delivering us into her womb Earth mother eternal

Awakened reborn phoenix casting ocular vision
Vibration pulses exploding wild animal senses delight
To eat the earth giving myself to unknown beyond
One I become, alive as before your shadow came

Descending to fly

Flying Eurasian Eagle Owl with open wings in forest habitat with trees, wide angle lens photo
Lose myself in beauty and savagery born of stone and green
Hidden in depths of meandering rivers brooks and streams
Deep we seek knowledge bound inside the song of leaves
Dancing fires mocking delights whisper secrets in dark black night
Oaken perpetual throne sleeps organic dreams woven of deathless time
Words scattered carelessly light my spirit on fire consuming doubts away
Owl guides soar unspoken communion with hallowed constellations
The garden awaits my release through roots of Irminsul I descend to fly