Me my youngest son and beautiful Dunluce castle co Antrim.


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  1. Hi Scott, I believe I saw you the other day at ‘the Pool’, so here’s my feedback. 🙂
    1) You do not need a menu saying ‘Blog’ (better get rid of it)
    2) You need an ‘About’ page. Iit’s where:
    – the blogger usually say a little something about themselves and/or the blog
    – visitors usually go to learn what the blog they’re visiting is all about
    – visitors leave a note concerning the blog in general (or when their comments are not post-specific), or just say ‘Hi’
    3) This post (you-son-castle) needs a title
    Good luck! 🙂
    PS: If you set moderation ‘off’, please delete this ‘uncommently comment’ right away (of course you can copy-paste it first if you feel like to), or if you set moderation ‘on’, just never approve will do.

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