Master key’s

The power of music

  Music….music has a strange effect on the brain; it is able to conjure up images feelings thoughts and emotions like no other medium…..

Everyone has at some time in the lives felt that cold shiver up the spine where a collection of chords or single notes hits that internal register and spews forth an image laced with all the wonders of the senses.

Be honest there’s nothing quite like it.

 I no betting man but I reckon there are many of us in the global community that has at some time drove to or from work in the dreaded rush hour traffic that plagues all towns and cities in the world. This horrendous, torturous daily labour is only punctuated by sound primarily coming from our car radios. But what a difference one single solitary collection of notes can make!!

 Be it… guilty pleasures (we all have them) youthful anthems, riotous acts of audio rebellion or melancholic introspective sonnets. These waves of sound vibrating off our ear drums are rare gems of understanding and a window into a time where we were a completely different identity from what we have become.

 I like to use these often rapturous moments to reflect on how I have changed. This is always strikingly obvious to me, as my immediate after thought when the goose bumps have subsided is ; wow how different I am from then ?This always ,no matter how many times it happens…comes as a surprise ? But why should it…

 So many experiences have come and gone. So many microscopic subtle changes in the wind that has altered my course in life and led me to sometimes rough and terrible sea’s and sometimes calm and tranquil lagoon’s.

 I use these moments of clarity (as I call them) to explore my often hidden sub conscious memory no matter how irrelevant or disturbing the images they are… this I have found to be a powerful learning tool for self-development and I have gained great insight into my choices (good or bad) in this journey called life..

 So next time those chords pull on your heart strings use the time to really explore your feeling and emotions to that sound. Relive the moment in your mind’s eye. Honestly inquire your actions and how you behaved in that scenario….where you the best you can be based on now you live your life now? These are brutally open questions but this I believe is a golden opportunity really uncover your inner self and how you respond to the external world.

And if it’s one of those magical moments…you know the occasions I’m talking about ….falling in love, the birth of your child, a dream realized, or just a feeling of pure ecstatic happiness to be alive. Then let these feelings manifest and become reality in your world and spread the love.






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